We create a cost-efficient maintenance culture

HofinSoft Oil & Gas Facilities Engineering Consultancy.  (Hofinsoft), UAE a techno-management consultancy service, is the brain child of two successful entrepreneurs,  Khalid Mohamed Helal Feraih Alqubaisi & Ganesh Natarajan, who bring many years of  rich industry and management  experience in the Middle East. We offer best-in-class facilities engineering services, encompassing Asset Data Management Consulting, Materials & Maintenance Management Tools and Inventory Management,to Oil & Gas, Energy and few other industries in the UAE. We are committed to build agility, instil efficiency and step up the productivity of enterprise-level maintenance function.


From start to finish, HofinSoft LLC’s approach is to adhere and conform to highest quality standards. Well-defined business processes and policies are in place, to deliver quality across  every stage of our client engagement.

Keeping with this notion, we are certified for the following industry standards:

arrow-points ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management
arrow-points ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
arrow-points ISO 18001 - Occupational health and safety management systems



We are also member of The Electronic Code Management Association (ECCMA), a leading international not for profit professional association focused on developing international standards and best practices for cataloguing, data cleansing and master data quality.


We meet all your asset maintenance challenges

Hofinsoft LLC combines its depth oil and gas industry domain expertise and comprehensive asset maintenance experience, to deliver focused value-driven maintenance management solutions to key asset-intensive industries in UAE.

Asset & Data Management Consulting  Maintenance & Materials Management Services Inventory Management

Asset & Data Management Consulting 


We streamline asset data

HofinSoft, helps your organisation streamline asset data, classify spare parts with accurate nomenclature and
enable routine maintenance of critical assets; in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

hofinsoft-llc-icon Hierarchy & Criticality

While, it is understood that standard equipment data is critical, many organisations do not conform to such diligence. This situation is created by human-induced data errors, duplication and mismatch between supplier and manufacturer’s spares data. Our process, adopts the hierarchical data structure comprising location, equipment, criticality etc., while ensuring the right attributes and characteristics are captured.

hofinsoft-llc-icon Asset Register

Missing key information creates crucial delays and thereby triggering a chain of events, resulting in  loss of productivity and escalating maintenance costs. We create a master file which captures all the asset information (shipping date, category, manufacturer’s details etc,) that enables quick retrieval at short notice. This includes right classification and location of spares and related work orders for execution. Needless to say, this has immense benefits and controlling costs.

hofinsoft-llc-icon Job Plans & Schedules

In high intensive manufacturing environments, undertaking maintenance is very critical, as every minute lost means big money outflow. Therefore, effective job planning, scheduling and execution has to be precise for organisational success, more significantly for maintenance supervisors. We help evolve the best practiced maintenance scheduling processes, so that routine and scheduled maintenance can be hassle-free.

Maintenance & Materials Management Services


We help you take control of asset repository

HofinSoft, deploy a range of software tools (iNomcat, e-Impact, Spica etc.) that give complete visibility to your maintenance and materials management operations. The tasks involve setting right spare parts repository, assigning codes, cataloguing and developing service masters.

hofinsoft-llc-icon Material Coding & Cataloguing

Master data has not been accorded the importance it deserves. Since many years companies have relied on data supplied by vendors. However this does not ensure a uniform catalogue in place. Different locations of the same organization lack uniformity in catalogue. The result – bloated database, an inefficient procurement process, over or under stocking situation etc.

hofinsoft-llc-icon Data Cleansing & Enrichment

Today, the need for Data Cleansing or harmonization is mandatory. Our data cleansing and harmonization services ensure data quality and absolute accuracy. This is achieved by de-duplication, standardization and normalization processes. Our other services include Spare Parts Interchangeability Records (SPIR) Analysis and creating Bill Of Materials (BOM).

hofinsoft-llc-icon Common Service Master

In capital-intensive organizations, asset investments are high, maintaining continuous and optimal working condition, is critical to deriving maximum ROI. With the size, complexity and multiplicity of equipment and service providers, it is imperative to have a uniform service master that is accessed across various plants within the organization.

Inventory Management


We assist with swift tracking and location of spares

HofinSoft, provides holistic inventory management services which go beyond mere stock verification/reconciliation routines to facilitate smooth and time-bound relocation of warehouse, without hampering productivity. Further adoption of barcode and RFID tags helps track stores inventory and transition them to maintenance location, to undertake critical repair operations.

hofinsoft-llc-icon Physical Inventory Verification, Reconciliation & Stock Level

Physical stock status has a direct impact on organisational bottom lines. Our focus
is to ensure effective inventory operations which cover physical verification, stock reconciliation and determining optimum stock levels. Using  the best methods in inventory analysis - history of consumption, shelf life and ageing, fixing of reorder levels and quantity, inventory analysis based on Fast-Slow-Non-moving, ABC etc.

hofinsoft-llc-icon RFID Tags

The adoption of RFID based tracking is gaining momentum. Our RFID specialists, assist you in conceptualising a RFID solution that meets and exceeds your tracking needs.

hofinsoft-llc-icon Warehouse Relocation

Smooth transition of warehouse to new location is a time-critical assignment. Our consultants help assess the loads, the processes, lead times and capacities, to enable a swift and smooth transition of the warehouse.

hofinsoft-llc-icon Bar Coding

Bar codes are ubiquitous with material tracking routines – trace and track material movements. It is an acknowledged fact that companies which implemented wireless barcode solutions achieve 98% accuracy in their inventory. Our Bar code services offer an end to end solution. We study the operating environment and decide which label and printing options would be appropriate. We also help integrate the selected bar code system with your existing ERP or warehouse management system.


eIMPACT pdficon

Keeping your asset ship shape and tuned for the rigours of production in a dynamic business scenario, can develop several pressure points for maintenance people. eImpact from Hofinsoft, aims for a positive effect on the health and performance of your assets, by identifying and rooting out evident hotspots. This way your maintenance crew are forewarned on malfunctioning equipment and are well-prepared to quickly attend and make available the asset within permissible downtimes.

iNomcat pdficon

iNomcat is the flexible and intelligent Catalogue Management tool that is used to create industry standard materials and spares catalogue with enriched data.

SPICA  pdficon

SPIR inputs provided by the Supplier(EPC/Vendor) is reviewed by a Subject Matter Expert(SME), who recommends procurement quantity of SPIR.This data is used for:

 arrow-pointProcurement of Initial Spare Parts
arrow-point Material Coding and Cataloguing
arrow-pointInputs for MM and PM modules of ERP




Launch Pad for Promising Careers

End result is what counts with customers. Keeping with this, we attract, train and retain talented people oriented to this mindset. We offer a stimulating and challenging work environment, with a clear growth path for your careers.If you are ready for a challenging assignment, send us your CV, if your profile matches our requirements, you will surely hear from us




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